Matchlors approach begins the way most people meet... LIVE AND PHYSICAL INTERACTION.

We go out into communities and engage with local singles that are interested in connecting with Meaningful Matchups. To maximize members' connectivity options we offer offline and online singles' services. Through our prime profile features, members have access to Matchifyed profiles, Matchionnaire's, Matchlors Pins and Matchlors Passes! Request Membership Learn More


Matchlors is a community faith-based, by invitation only, singles service with online and offline connectivity options. Through our service, we hope to help link and inspire like-spirited singles to form Meaningful MatchupsSocially, Spiritually, and Matrimonially.

Matchlors Significances

  • Matchlors offers by invitation-only memberships and by invitation only access to members' profiles.
  • Members have the capability to invite non-members to view their private profiles.
  • Matchifyedindicates that the registering member has completed a profile screening and their profile has been verified.
  • One time membership fee only! No membership renewal or membership subscription fee.
  • Spreading the love, Matchlors donates some of its domain space and services to    
  • Interested link- Allows members' to discreetly show interest in another member. 
  • Member to member viewing of profiles is private to viewers only, no notifications sent.
  • Displaying of age is optional, not mandatory for all to view on members profile pages.
  • Matchlors Circle - From comradeship to possible courtship unite with like-minded members!
  • Potential Dating Interest, PDI's (member's guest) may only access the inviting member's profile.
  • Matchionnaires® (buildable questionnaires) are established to ask pertinent characteristics and compatibility questions upfront to help get to know Potential Dating Interest (PDI's).
  • Downloadable Profile PINs (Profile Information Numbers) are available for purchase.
  • Matchlors offers a more sophisticated process, no swiping, liking, peeking, winking, flirts, favs or pop-ups.
  • Matchlors club rules and guidelines are in full force
    and effect
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