Club Rules and Guidelines


Matchlors places high value on members safety and prays that all members have a safe journey and pleasant experience in their pursuit of finding meaningful match up’s. Matchlors club rules and guidelines does not ensure or claim that any, including but not limited to: members, family members, friends, or guest thereof will be free of harm or damages. Matchlors is not claiming, stating, implying or expressing that its services or methods will guarantee a safe, secure or successful relationship, or relations of any sort. Abuse of club rules and guidelines could lead to loss of membership. Below is a list of Matchlors club rules and guidelines in conjunction with Matchlors terms and conditions and safeguards.


1.       Members are responsible for their own health and safety cal 911 for emergencies.

2.       Members must be 22 years of age or older and single.

3.       Members must be single and open to meaningful match up's.

4.       Members should be in a good mental and financial space in their lives.

5.       No soliciting or bartering of any goods or services.

6.   Members must update their avatar within 14 days of membership with a recent picture or symbolism. 

7.  Do not give out contact information or any personal information to your Potential Dating Interest (PDI) or other members until you feel safe to do so.        

8.  At your discretion, meet PDI's or other members at neutral locations where people are around.

9. Trust your instincts! If something does not feel right, it’s probably not right. You should cut off all contact.        

10. Fraudulent information and behavior are grounds for revocation of membership. No transferring, selling, or sharing of profile space is permitted.

11. Members may be subject to a random screening at any point or time during their membership or the processing thereof and must have a valid driver’s license. If the member fails the screening of their background information the member's profile will be removed and their membership will be revoked.   

12. Members are not allowed to post nudity, racism, profanity, lewd or hate comments, shaming, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. Matchlors reserve the right to revoke memberships and all privileges thereof at any time.

13. Matchlors name and passes are a copyright and trademarked and cannot be duplicated, sold, exchanged or altered for any reason or purpose. 

14. Members must acknowledge and accept Matchlors terms and conditions.

15. Members must read and should follow Matchlors safeguards. Refer to the safeguard link.

16. Members should not drink excessively or take drugs before a date or while on a date. 

17. Members may not have any personal ads on this site. Members or guest thereof may not list, publish, display, transmit, advertise, or suggest solicitation of sex in any form or fashion at any time or anyplace.

18. Matchlors strongly suggest for the safety and wellbeing of all, that members do a background check on people they choose to interact with and guest thereof.

19. Criminal behavior past, present, or future or accusations thereof may cause temporary or permanent cancellation of your member privileges and membership. No refunds will be given.


Potential Dating Interest (PDI) - A PDI is a person that receives an M-Vite™ in the form of a ©Matchlors Pass by a Matchlors member. A PDI is exactly that, a person that a member would possibly like to date potentially. Matchlors suggest that while getting to know your Potential Dating Interest you follow the club rules and guidelines until you both feel comfortable to proceed forward.

Matchlors will not be held responsible or liable for any harm or damages caused by or to any members, potential dating interest or guest thereof.   Matchlors merely provide tools in helping members in their pursuit of finding someone special and/or building Matchlors Circles. Members and Potential Dating Interest are doing so at their own risk. Background checks are randomly given on some members, not all if Matchlors so chooses. The members are simply randomly selected, no prescreening or profiling takes place. Matchlors reserves the right to run a background check on any member or guest thereof if Matchlors deem fit. Refusal or noncompliance of a background check if requested of a member could lead to revocation of membership and all privileges. Although background checks are possibly run on some members it does not guarantee your safety, well-being, livelihood, or protection of your belongings.

Please use extreme caution with your quest and finding meaningful match up's.

If at any time Matchlors believes you are not a good match for our club due to ethical, behavioral and/or character reasons we have the sole discretion to revoke your membership at any time. Club rules and guideline may change without further notice. Updates will be posted on this page for members to view. Matchlors has the right and accessibility to view all profiles on Matchlors domain/server/site to monitor the adherance of Matchlors club rules and guidelines.


Last Updated: July 11, 2024