Frequently Asked Questions

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 Background Checks

We may request and/or run random background checks on members only, not guests thereof.  If we find a criminal record, the account will be suspended and the member will be notified.  If the information is true and accurate, the membership will be revoked.  No Refunds will be given

Becoming a Member  

Matchlors membership is by invitation only. Matchlors conducts enrollment events throughout the community, as well as online open enrollment. Member's referrals are also accepted on a continuous basis.

What is Matchlors?

Matchlors is a newly launched faith based singles service that offers relationship resources for single woman and men.

To help protect our faith-based afflilates/partners ministries and organization we offer background checks and profile screening. Background checks and profile screening are performed with consent only. Profile checks are run randomly of all members profile page at Matchlors discretion.

More About Us

Cancellation of Membership

Yes, you can cancel your membership through the setting link located in the member's dashboard at any time. Members may also hide their profile. No funds are refunded.


Change of Password

To change your password, go to the login/sign in section on Matchlors homepage. Click on the forgot password link, a new password will be sent to your email address. You will not be able to customize your password. We suggest you copy and paste the new pass word to log in, to avaig typo's. 




Club Rules and Guidelines

All club rules and guidelines must be acknowledged and adhered to as well as Matchlors terms and conditions and safeguards. The term "Club" is also referred to as "Service".


Contact Us

Contact Matchlors through the contact us link

If the link is down please email us at

Contact number:  832-447-7997

Contract or Subscriptions

No contract, no dues, no subscriptions. One time membership fee. Members may keep their memberships as long as they are single and eligible and adhere to all Matchlors terms and conditions, club rules and guidelines and safeguards.


Edit my Profile

  • To change,edit or update other profile information. Click on the edit my profile link>general information>profile details>avatar (picture).

Email Confirmation

All joining members and guest thereof must acknowledge their email confirmation when joining Matchlors or registering as a Potential Dating Interest (PDI). Unfortunately, emails sometimes have a delayed response time in being sent, usually not over 24 hours. If you do not receive an email confirmation to your registered email please take the steps listed below:

  • Login to your profile with the username or email address and password that you provided on the member's registration page.
  • Click on the resend email confirmation link (the link will not appear until you have tried to log in with the above information).
  • Refresh your browser 
  • Check your email inbox as well as your spam/junk folder.
  • Be patient, it's coming 

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Hide Profile From Search

To hide your profile or make it private to invited guest. Click on your setting link and select, Hide profile from search.

Interested Link
Interested links are on Elite member's profile page and allows member's to discreetly show interest in another member. If you would like to get to know a member you may message them directly. If you click on their interested link, the member will not know you've viewed their page or clicked on their interested link. However if the member inturns views your page and clicks on your interested link as well, then you both will be routed to the possible connection section.
What is meant by Faith-Based? Matchlors has faith and trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ that: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7). "For everyone who asks receives and the one who searches finds, and the one who knocks, the door will be open" (Matthew 7:8). Know that faith alone, will not do it, faith must have works for it to be vital.  Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:17).

 Faith believers must have a work of faith and a labor of love. Matchlors truly believes there is someone for everyone and we have faith that our tools and resources can help our members find the love they are searching for.
 “We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (First Thessalonians 1:2-3). Matchlors prays that the Lord will help safely guide you to find the love that you are seeking.
Log Out
Always log out of your profile when not in use for safety and security. 
Matchlors is a newly launched and innovative singles service, that offers relationship coaching, online and offline services, and products to its members.
Matchlors Mail
Profile Notification!
Members will be sent an email notification addressed Matchlors Mail whenever someone inputs a pass or pin number. If the guest submits the matchionnaire the member will receive a copy of the submitted Matchionnaire under their updates and view my PDI link.

Matchlors Passes

Matchlors passes are custom passes for Matchlors members to invite Potential Dating Interest (PDI's)  to view the profile. PDI's will be able to communicate with the member only free of charge for 30 days. Passes are a separate fee from the one- time membership price. To learn more about matchlors passes click on the products and promotion link>matchlors market.

Matchlors Profile Information Numbers (PIN's)

Matchlors pins are downloadable profile numbers that also invites PDI's to view their profiles. Members can purchase pin numbers which are downloaded in their dashboard under their view my pass number link or purchase passes link. Matchlors pins are great if you want to access immediately to text or email profile information numbers to PDI's.

Profile Pass Numbers

Profile Pass Numbers are simply profiled information numbers inputted on Matchlors Passes.


Matchlors Circle

From comradeship to possible courtship unite with like-minded members!

Matchlors Circle is a cyber-circle exclusive to Matchlors members and their guest. Members invite other members into their circle by sending a request to Add to Matchlors Circle. The link is available on the member's profile page under their avatar. Simple click on the member's profiles that you would like to send a request to. Once clicked, a link to add to the matchlors circle will appear. The circle includes adding people with the same hobbies, interest, mutual friends, or it may be a  member that just wants to play cupid. Everyone is able to view one another within the circle. Members can also temporarily invite non-members into their circle by simply giving them a pass or pin number as a Potential Dating Interest for one of their friends or co-members within their circle. Therefore, the next time someone you know ask you to “Hook them Up” Loop them in your circle!


Matchionnaires are questionnaires to help members and their Potential Dating Interest (PDI) help measure their ©Criteria of Interest to determine if they are compatible or not. Members have the option of building their Matchionnaire from Matchlors list of questions. Members also have the option to create up to one question of their own. PDI's will not have access to view members profiles without the members matchionnaire being created. At least one question must be selected or created.

Membership Plans and Profiles

Elite Membership Plan


heartPrivate Profiles- Restricted access to members profiles. Members have the option to close their profiles to invited guest only.

heartPublic Profiles- Members have the option to make their profiles viewable to other members.

heart©Matchlors Passes*- Custom Matchlors Passes that invites Potential Dating Interest (PDI’s) to view member’s profiles.

heartMatchlors PIN’s*- Downloadable Custom Profile Information Numbers (PIN’s) that invites PDI’s to view member’s profiles.

heartMatchlors Exclusive Matchionnaire® Allows members to create a custom questionnaire (Matchionnaire®) to begin Communicating with Potential Dating Interest and assess compatibility and characteristics thereof.

heartFeatured Member-* By invitation only to selected Elite members.

heart Matchlors Circle –Allows member's to add other members to their Matchlors Circle for all to view on their profile page.

heart  Interested link- Allows member's to discreetly show interest in another member. If a member becomes interested in another member while viewing the members profile page, the viewing member should simply click on the members interested link. The member WILL NOT be notified that someone has shown interest in their profile. However, if the non-viewing member in turn views the members profile that's interested and clicks on their interested link as well, both member's will then be linked together in the possible connections section of the member's dashboard.

Premiere Profile

  1. By invitation only through a community enrollment event, open online enrollment or a members referral.
  2. After submitting membership request, Matchlors will email out a singles survey.
  3. Candidates are determined by Matchlors club rules and guidelines as well as terms and conditions. Selections are made on an as-needed basis.
  4. Premiere profiles are designed to balance and build Matchlors database.
  5. Premiere candidates are guest of Matchlors with limited access to Matchlors services and events. Premiere guest will only have full access to view other Premiere guest profiles and limited access to Elite members profiles. Premiere guest may view Elite member profiles if the elite member set their profile to public. However, they will have to go through the Potential Dating Interest (PDI) process of completing the members matchionnaire and registering as a PDI of the member.
  6. Premiere guest will not have access to purchase passes and pin numbers.
  7. At any time Matchlors may choose to discontinue any or all services.

Processing Fee

Matchlors charges a non refundable $30.00 process fee on all memberships.

Potential Dating Interest (PDI) Profile

  1. A PDI Profile is a profile of a potential dating interest of an Elite member.
  2. PDI's are guest of Elite members with limited access to the inviting Elite member's profile only.
  3. At any time Matchlors may choose to discontinue any or all services.



Password Reset

Reset your password through the password reset link or the login section on Matchlors homepage. Members will not have access to customize their password once they have reset it. If you would like to change your password, click on the login/sign in section>click on the forget password link>a new password will be sent to your email address. We suggest you copy and paste the new pass word to log in, to avaig typo's. 


Potential Dating Interest

A PDI is a Potential Dating Interest of one of our members. A member invites a PDI to view their profile to become better acquainted. A PDI is not a member of Matchlors. PDI's are guest of the inviting member.

PDI Deletions

A PDI deletion may occur for a couple of reasons:

  1. The PDI 30 days access period has expired
  2. The PDI profile has been deleted by the PDI, inviting member, or Matchlors.

PDI’s  Fees

No fee's or cost is charged to the PDI's. They are guest to the member for 30 days

Private Profile

Members may purchase pass numbers or pin numbers which are good for one use only. Profiles can be made public for other members to view or kept private to invited guest only. ALL MEMBER'S PROFILE ARE DISPLAYED UNDER NEWEST MEMBERS SECTION. MEMBERS MUST log in TO THEIR PROFILE AND GO TO SETTING TO SELECT TO MAKE THEIR PROFILE PRIVATE OR TO HIDE THEIR PROFILE IF YOU CHOSE TO HAVE IT PRIVATE.

Profile Avatar

Members must update a profile avatar within 72 hours of registering as a member or hide their profile. All profiles must contain an approved picture. Approved means a picture that adheres to Matchlors Club rules and Guidelines

Possible Connections

Are members that discreetly shows interest in each other profiles or registered under the same demographic location.

Terms and Conditions

Must be acknowledged and adhered to.


Refunds are honored up to 7 by business days from the date of purchased. A $30.00 non refubdable processing fee will be deducted from all reunds of memberships.


Must be acknowledged and adhered to.

Service Interruptions

For maintenance and updates, there may be scheduled service interruptions. During this time members or guest, thereof will not be able to access their profiles or log into the site. Matchlors will post all scheduled service interruptions. Non scheduled interruption will be handled expeditiously. 



Upload of Picture

To upload a picture, click on the edit my profile link>then click on the avatar link. 


Newly registering/registered members. When uploading your picture your image will be viewable to other members. Skip image if you do not want your picture shown during the registration process. By skipping image upload your avatar will appear. Once you have completed your registration process and payment you will have full access to edit your profile settings to private or public and upload your pictures.










LAST UPDATED: 01/14/20